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Ahamani EV Technology Co., Ltd 其昜電動車科技股份有限公司

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SWAP has committed to become the best personal
transportation to make the world greener and better.   
SWAP electric scooter started the production with SHANG WEI in 1998, under AHAMANI new management in the beginning of 2008. We have rich experience in the field of electric scooter production and SWAP is one of the leading electric scooter brands in the world.

The manufacturer is located in Taiwan, and all of the parts are made in Taiwan too.

During the decade, SWAP electric scooter has been produced and sold more than 10,000 units in Taiwan and all over the world. Those people who purchased SWAP in 1998 are still happily riding with their scooters now without problems.

SWAP electric scooter is with the name of Good Performance and Reliable Quality. Every parts in the vehicle were well designed and made with passion, good care and focus, because we know that even one tiny part will influence the quality of the whole vehicle.

The company’s aim is to produce and supply the best electric scooter for riders. We have always taken riders’ concern into our business and keep up on the new technology and development for our electric vehicle production.

From 2008, SWAP Ahamani has successfully developed a new model with LiFePO4 battery technology including BMS. LiFePO4 batteries is much lighter weight compared to Lead-acid battery, and enable SWAP to go even more Powerful, Faster, and Longer range.

Exclusively designed 3.6KW and 4.3 KW brushless motor bring SWAP great acceleration, and very good hills climb-ability, which provide riders a wonderful time on the road.
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Company Name: Ahamani EV Technology Co., Ltd 其昜電動車科技股份有限公司 Company Type: Manufacturer ()
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Business Scope: electric scooter, electric motorcycle, e-scooter, three wheels e-scooter, four wheels e-scooter
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